Jessica CadkinBridget CatchpoleWendy Davis Val GalvinAnna Gustafson
Barbara HellerEmily JanRachelle LeBlanc Susan Lenz  Leisa Rich
Bettina MatzkuhnAmy MeissnerJohanna NorryPaulina OritzJudith Selby Lang
Dimitra SkandaliKatherine Soucie Diana Weymar Dora WilsonAlejandra Zermeno
Vivienne Challandes

Castaways is a “rags to riches” genre of visual storytelling that embodies the collective voice of twenty women artists. The exhibition is an immersive experience that takes the viewer on a compelling journey that reconsiders our existence in a material culture confronting global climate change.


There is a place that is not a destination for anything or anyone. It is a island in the middle of an endless sea of unwanted clothing and textiles. This island is a visual feast. The role of it’s twenty inhabitants… to track our material culture’s undesirables. These discards drive a 100% recycled, array of dynamic visual art, installations and digital media. It is an environment in which the viewer must revisit the worthless — including individuals, animals and places that  have become abandoned. As in the artwork of Robert Bateman, Castaways’ artists are determined to communicate from the frontlines of an endangered natural world to further meaningful public dialogue.

Artist and Curator, Vivienne Challandes, presents climate change-related issues in a passionate, open-ended framework to invite participation and collaborations that foster social change. “Castaways artists were asked to face the destructive chaos of the garment industry and corporate greed. No small ask. Fortunately, when highly creative people are encouraged to create brave work — the extraordinary happens”.

The public is invited to witness an otherworldly flutter of the last butterflies, Phantom Reef, stranger creatures, the Frustrations, Ghost Nets and a Shadow Factory. At the end of the Castaways story – you decide how the future is fashioned.