Paulina Oritz

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According to Paulina Ortiz it is important to break the rules,  explore materials, build from scratch, and intuitively create textile forms to capture what one wishes to communicate.  Through exposure to inspiring women during her formal education, Paulina discovered a sophisticated, “transparent and open” aesthetic in highly textured forms supported with a foundation of traditional basket weaving techniques.

Costa Rica’s finest artists would frequently visit her parents in the family home, and it was her mother and grandmother who taught Paulina how to draw, embroider, and weave. The bright colors in her mother’s water color transparencies have significantly influenced Paulina’s approach to color.

Nostalgia for her country, nature and imagery of a pre-Columbian sensibility, the smells, textures and colors of the forest guide her work. Paulina is a strong advocate for the knowledge and development of the Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese textile culture and has developed information and idea exchange networks via publications and events.

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