Rachelle Leblanc

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“# When Is Enough, Enough?”

The invitation to take part in Castaways is my opportunity to voice my concerns on the impact the garment industry has on the world’s environment. The Fashion industry, the second biggest polluter in the world, will not change if
each and everyone one of us do not change our habits.

As a former denim designer, I would frequently work with the dye houses that
develop our denim textiles. The images of the chemicals used, and the water runoffs
are not something that one can easily forget, especially those I saw when the
manufacturing shifted to China in the late 1990s.

The materials used to create my piece are upcycled yarns developed from wool, denim, cotton, and plastic bottles. The central image in #When Is Enough, Enough is a discarded plastic bag, in water polluted with synthetic indigo, dyes and bleaches. This textile piece is to serve as a bleak reminder of how far we have gone to bring this beautiful planet to its tipping point.   
Rachelle LeBlanc has a longstanding love of the visual arts and textiles were
developed under her mother’s eye and honed in her mother’s fabric shop. She studied
fashion at Sheridan College and worked for two decades in Montreal’s garment district as a designer and pattern maker before focusing on her textile art practice.  

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