Susan Lenz

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“Red Carpet Dress”

Using vintage and recycled materials, textile artist, Susan Lenz, works with meticulous handwork to articulate the accumulated memory inherent in discarded things. ”  I seek a partnership with my materials, their purposes, values, and familiar associations”, she states.

My grandmother attempted to teach me embroidery at the age of 8 yrs. old. using a pre-printed doily and a handful of floss. Nothing I did was quite right. Repeatedly, my hand was slapped and the stitches removed. Later that same year, my Girl Scout Brownie troop leader taught embroidery techniques using a pre-printed cross stitch of a radish. Mine was considered poor due to the mess of threads on the reverse side. How I ever found my way back to needle and thread is a mystery!

These truths are always with me: I am a woman artist without an academic arts education in a male dominated world bent on high-brow approaches to art-making underscored with critical words written by trained professionals. I am a post-menopausal woman with years of experience and mountains of visual expressions waiting to take form. I work and will continue to work because I have something to say in spite of the many obstacles. I work with the faint hope that “something”, perhaps just one little work of art, might be kept through coming generations, cherished … admired … remembered … regarded for its quality … something to mark my existence on this planet. I work because … I AM NOT INVISIBLE.

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