Val Galvin

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“Red Flag, Red Flag” Project”

My great-great, paternal grandmother is from the east coast, specifically Cape Breton. She moved to BC in the 1890s, and brought her sensibility for traditional rug hooking and textile traditions with her. In fact, my maternal grandmother was a true use it up, recycle, up-cycle kind of gal. Her rugs were made mostly of hand-cut, felted sweaters, and her approach was to make up original designs as she went along. Consequently, I started hooking at the age of 10, and it was my grandmother who taught me the know-how to effectively re-purpose old clothing into functional rugs, and unique soft furnishings.

To date I have hooked 300+ rugs that range in design from landscapes to folk art florals, country scenes to abstractions. I incorporate hand-cut & fine cut wool, yarns, proddy, embellishments, and over dye techniques.  “I approach my studio work fearlessly, and will incorporate a random fabrics if it happens to be just the right colour or texture”.

Val Galvin has a working studio called Renditions in Rags Hand Hooked and Braided Rugs in Chemainus, BC. Every Tuesdays it becomes a popular “open studio” setting for textile artists from all over the region to get together. The Red Flag Red Flag project was an invitation for these women to create a small banner flag depicting individual viewpoints on climate change/ global warming . Forty five women have created theses colorful banners, and share their passion on the topic by using recycled textiles to tell the story.

Jessica CadkinBridget CatchpoleWendy Davis Val GalvinAnna Gustafson
Barbara HellerEmily JanRachelle LeBlanc Susan Lenz  Leisa Rich
Bettina MatzkuhnAmy MeissnerJohanna NorryPaulina OritzJudith Selby Lang
Dimitra SkandaliKatherine Soucie Diana Weymar Dora WilsonAlejandra Zermeno
Vivienne Challandes