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Castaways will be hosted by the Bateman Foundation Gallery of Nature in Victoria BC. until June 5th, 2020.

Bateman Foundation Gallery of Nature
Steamship Terminal—479 Belleville Street, Victoria BC
250-940-3630 |

Bateman Gallery stairwell feature

Hello Everyone, Please know that the past two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind including the storage / delivery of artwork for Castaways artists, a week long stay in Victoria for Castaways’ Installation Week leading up to the Opening Reception, and International Womens Day weekend Opening for the public.

It has been a true pleasure meeting and spending time with many of the artists. So many thanks to those women who travelled to the gallery for the installation of their work. Special thanks to Jessica Cadkin for flying up from California for one night to set up the 23′ long Greenland shark! Pics to follow …

There were challenges along the way. Sadly, Alejandra Zermeno’s sculpture, “Bhagavathi” was damaged during shipping from Mexico City, and we are working with the Royal BC Museum to troubleshoot the repair work with the goal of Alejandra participating later. Also, after a shipment up from Houston Texas, and storage of Dimitra Skandali’s “Tiny Vast Universe” installation of dried sea grass – gallery staff discovered a spider(s). Unfortunately due to strict gallery standards the installation could not be presented unless we stored these 5 large boxes at -30 degrees for a week!? I still hope to be able to share Dimitra’s work in Canada in the near future in an alternate exhibition.

After Castaways Opening, of course there were finishing touches, and a tour / orientation for gallery staff, and then on to visitors with us on Salt Spring Island. It is now Friday, March 13th … honestly, my suitcase still sits on the floor – half unpacked.

Some of Castaways Installation Week:

Bateman Gallery stairwell feature, Castaways site specific installation, Vivienne Challandes
“Phantom Reef”, Castaways site specific installation, Vivienne Challandes

Things happened for women artists behind the scenes of the Castaways project. “Phantom Reef” is dedicated to visual artist, Ruth Tabancay / California, who committed to the project early on, however, Ruth needed to undergo surgery and stepped back from the exhibition. Ruth intended to create a “Phantom Reef”, and I followed through for her to commemorate the death and loss of 50% of the earth’s precious ocean corals.

Some of Castaways Opening Reception:

Butterfly Effect, Strange Evolution and Raisons de’ Etre
Strange Evolution / Bridget Catchpole and Raisons de’Etre / Katherine Soucie
Dimitra Skandali’s video “Seas” and Emily Jan’s “Here Be Dragons”
Susan Lenz / Red Dress, Diana Weymar / Tiny Pricks, Wendy Davis / Sointula Gill Net Rugs
Val Galvin’s “Red Flag, Red Flag” Project.
A collective of 40+ hooked, climate change banners
Anna Gustafson / Ghost Nets and Judith Selby Lang’s plastic “Nurdles” print
Sorry there are not more images. Robert Bateman did not attend due to a 90th birthday this year and Covid-19 … I was stuck on a microphone introducing Castaways artists!

Below some great images from Atlanta, Georgia textile artist, Johanna Norry.